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Dale M. Halon, CPCU


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Dale Halon writes on big data and predictive analytics for the insurance industry for

Now retired and still working part-time for American Family, Mr. Halon was founder and president of Analytics ROI, LLC. He is an impassioned data/predictive analytics expert consulting with insurers to answer the question: "I have a predictive model or want to build one … now, what do I do?" His business consulting centers on helping the client uncover the real business problems to determine if and how they can be solved with analytics; crafting an analytics plan through implementation and training; communicating ideas on using predictive analytics; and creating adoption paths, rewards, risks, challenges, and expected outcomes for both executive- and staff-level personnel. His goal is to unlock the complete and available return on investment (ROI) of enterprise-wide insurance analytics applications.

Mr. Halon's combination of technical and executive-level insurance company experience, coupled with 25-plus years that consisted of hundreds of conversations and projects with insurers on data and analytics, gives him a rare and valuable perspective.

Mr. Halon served as vice president of business development at EagleEye Analytics, a provider of advanced insurance-specific modeling technology and business information tools. His role was to consult with insurance companies in developing insurance-specific and modern-business-driven analytic solutions and business guiding information for insurance executives.

Before joining EagleEye, he was vice president of sales for ISO (Verisk) Innovative Analytics and director of new business development for LexisNexis (ChoicePoint), where he was responsible for direct sales and consultation for insurance companies' pricing, underwriting, and marketing programs. He was one of the first predictive analytics evangelists with Fair, Isaac, and Company (FICO) as consumer credit-based insurance scoring was first introduced to the insurance industry.

His insurance industry experience includes several years in key underwriting, marketing, pricing, and product-development positions focusing on personal lines insurance, with his most recent position as underwriting vice president with Shelby Insurance.

Mr. Halon has been and still is an active volunteer leader for the Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, and he is currently serving on national committees and as a board member of the Columbus, Ohio, chapter. He has conducted seminars and published articles for insurance trade publications and industry groups on predictive modeling, the use of consumer credit in insurance, and multichannel marketing.

Mr. Halon is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is an avid fitness enthusiast, community volunteer, and devotee of fine wines (yes, they go together). His latest challenge is learning to play the piano.