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State Auto Insurance Companies

Cameron "Rudy" Rudolph

Farm and Ranch Territory Manager

Mr. Rudolph recently joined State Auto Insurance Companies as a Farm and Ranch Territory Manager. He brings over 25 years' experience in many facets of the insurance industry, including positions of loss control, risk management, producer, sales manager, managing director, and national agricultural managing director with a successful background in entrepreneurial venues. He completed 10 years of service with Wells Fargo Insurance Services/Acordia in December 2010 when their business model changed to eliminate agricultural business development.

Mr. Rudolph's background is very diverse involving public safety, risk manager for a world operational mining company, loss control manager/marketing for an insurer, and risk consultant with a large broker before joining Wells Fargo. His experience offers a rich mix of product development, concept marketing, relationship building, operations, and strategic management. He is diversely experienced from start-up to build-out, creating successes and remedying problems.

Mr. Rudolph has expertise in evaluating and organizing teams, turning them into top-performing producers and sales associates, and is skilled in cultivating and maintaining relationships with clients and markets throughout the industry.

Mr. Rudolph earned the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) certification in 2006 and is currently the principal of Rudolph and Associates, a training, education, and consulting firm located in Prescott, Arizona, serving various facets of the insurance and financial services industries.

Mr. Rudolph also owns and operates a commercial horse training facility and cow/calf ranch in Arizona.