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New IRMI Insurance Case Finder Released

Dallas, TX, April 8, 2013International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), has released its new IRMI Insurance Case Finder for the insurance and risk management community.

IRMI Insurance Case Finder is an online knowledgebase summarizing appellate-level insurance coverage cases researched and written by experienced coverage lawyers. It has a customized search engine that allows subscribers to quickly find court cases interpreting specific policy provisions using advanced search filtering technology. The three main filters are (1) type of policy, (2) policy provision, and (3) coverage issue. Secondary filters include prevailing party (i.e., insured or insurer), insurer, and jurisdiction.

IRMI Insurance Case Finder is designed for insurance coverage attorneys, claims professionals, and insurance agents/brokers—a brief introductory video is now available. Richard J. Scislowski, a senior research analyst at IRMI, is the primary editor and product manager. Scislowski, who formerly worked as a coverage attorney specializing in litigating commercial lines and personal lines coverage disputes, said, "The Case Finder was intended to help insurance professionals find relevant case law and resolve insurance coverage disputes. But you don't need to be a lawyer to use it. We've organized the court cases by type of insurance policy, type of policy provision, and coverage issue, so anyone familiar with the insurance industry can easily locate the information that they need."

IRMI Insurance Case Finder is the primary component of the new Insurance Law Essentials package in the IRMI KnowledgeBase. Other components include CGL Reporter, Canadian Coverage Caselaw, the IRMI Case Law Library, and Fundamentals of Insurance Law.

IRMI President and CEO Jack Gibson said, "The Insurance Case Finder is a powerful new tool for risk and legal professionals to quickly get a feel for the legal precedent governing a coverage issue. Anyone responsible for interpreting insurance policy language will be amazed at the time it will save them in arriving at accurate coverage determinations."

Learn more details, including pricing for the IRMI Insurance Case Finder.

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