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New Edition of IRMI’s Wrap-Up Guide Addresses Dramatic Changes in the World of Controlled Insurance Programs (CIPs)

Dallas, TX, August 8, 2018—First published in 1990, The Wrap-Up Guide from International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) has served as an indispensable resource for thousands of risk managers and insurance professionals navigating the complexities of controlled insurance programs (CIPs).

Implementing a wrap-up or owner controlled insurance program (OCIP) for construction projects is now a common approach to improving project safety, reducing the cost of risk, and ensuring all contractors are covered under a broad liability insurance program. The Wrap-Up Guide helps project owners, CIP participants, or their broker or agent, avoid coverage gaps and common problem areas.

Nearly double in size, the new expanded edition is a top-to-bottom rewrite that offers a practical, step-by-step road map for sponsoring a CIP. Formatted as a "how-to" guide, the content follows the chronological order of a CIP implementation timeline, making it more user-friendly. The new edition also addresses dramatic changes in the world of CIPs such as the accelerated use of general liability-only programs in commercial and residential projects.

Updated content includes the following:

  • New chapters addressing contractor insurance costs, structuring a CIP and marketing the project to underwriters, and the process of setting up a CIP
  • Numerous activity checklists, helpful diagrams, and expanded exhibits
  • Expanded discussion of potential pitfalls and problems with CIPs, including an entire chapter about things that can go wrong
  • How CIP participants can make sure the program is structured to emphasize fairness to all parties

The Wrap-Up Guide is as an online subscription. Online access includes an additional appendix with state-specific wrap-up information that will be updated annually.

Click here to get access today.

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