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Maximize Protection for Your Clients Using the Recommendations in IRMI's Businessowners Policy and Endorsement Analysis

Dallas, TX, October 9, 2023—International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), has released a new subscription resource, Businessowners Policy and Endorsement Analysis. A businessowners policy, or BOP, offers real advantages to small and middle-market businesses that qualify as well as the agents and brokers who serve them.

This powerful new subscription resource includes:

  • Interpretations and analyses of the coverage terms of both the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), BOP and American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) BOP
  • Interpretations and analyses of the coverage terms of the ISO micro-businessowners policy (micro-BOP)
  • Discussions of each of the approximately 300 countrywide BOP and micro-BOP endorsements that will help agents and brokers negotiate bulletproof coverage terms for their clients while assisting underwriters in determining whether to agree to add a requested endorsement
  • Explanations of the intent behind BOP exclusions and how they may or may not apply to a particular claim to support negotiating claims or communicating the rationale behind a denial
  • Samples of current and historical ISO and AAIS businessowners forms and endorsements
  • Insights into BOP eligibility requirements

"BOPs offer excellent flexibility for insured and insurer alike because of the availability of a vast number of standard endorsements," said Jack Gibson, IRMI president and CEO. "With the in-depth information and expert guidance provided in this new reference, agents and brokers can work with underwriters to tailor insurance programs to meet the specific needs of their clients and avoid gaps or overlaps in coverage."

Businessowners Policy and Endorsement Analysis is available on IRMI Online and the Vertafore ReferenceConnect platform. To get access to Businessowners Policy and Endorsement Analysis, visit or schedule a product tour with an IRMI Resource Consultant.

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