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IRMI Releases Seventh Edition of The Additional Insured Book

Dallas, TX, January 21, 2014International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), has released the seventh edition of The Additional Insured Book for the insurance and risk management community.

Written by highly regarded insurance experts, this IRMI best-seller provides key insight and practical guidance into a number of cutting-edge areas that are barely touched by most other publications.

The Additional Insured Book discusses not only the additional insured issues related to commercial general liability insurance but also property, auto, workers compensation, marine, and aircraft issues. Relying on its advice, many insurance professionals and risk managers have changed their approaches to requiring or granting additional insured status. Up to date with the latest forms, coverage analysis, and court decisions, The Additional Insured Book includes more than 300 case citations as of December 2013.

The Additional Insured Book, seventh edition, is coauthored by Donald S. Malecki, CPCU, and Jack P. Gibson, CPCU, ARM, CRIS. Mr. Malecki is an insurance consultant, expert witness, and author of many books on insurance. Mr. Gibson is president and CEO of IRMI and coauthor of 11 of the reference services published by IRMI.

"Since the first edition of The Additional Insured Book was published some 23 years ago, ISO and insurers have made numerous changes to standard and nonstandard endorsements, attempting to better define the scope of coverage and contemplate changes in the law. With each change, this coverage area seems to become more confusing and complex, and the 2013 changes to the ISO forms have followed suit, adding to the complexity," said Mr. Gibson. "This new edition focuses on the 2013 ISO endorsement changes with a goal of reducing the confusion. Any legal or risk professional who drafts contracts that require additional insured status or must arrange coverage to comply with such requirements will find this book invaluable."

If you subscribe to The Additional Insured Book online you now have access to the seventh edition. If you do not subscribe, IRMI Online access for The Additional Insured Book is $49.50 for individuals or $99 for small businesses. Print copies are available at $99 each. For more information, please visit or call (800) 827–4242.

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