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IRMI Releases Second Edition of Blueprint for Workers Comp Cost Containment

Dallas, TX, May 26, 2015—International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), is pleased to announce the second edition of Blueprint for Workers Comp Cost Containment, which gives you insight and solutions for controlling or even reducing workers compensation costs and premiums.

The author of Blueprint for Workers Comp Cost Containment, Martin F. McGavin, describes the internal management systems, such as performance measurement, that are the foundation for effective claims management and loss prevention processes. He also provides detailed advice for managing all-important claims management processes, such as rehabilitation and medical management.

Whether you are seeking to overhaul your own workers compensation program or help a client fine-tune an already effective program, the new edition of this valuable resource is more than a claims management guide. It provides a comprehensive approach to managing workers compensation and explains how to best select an insurance program and a claims management partner.

Additionally, your purchase of Blueprint for Workers Comp Cost Containment comes with a copy of the Contractor's Guide to OCIPs—a handy reference that provides guidance on 39 issues contractors should consider when accepting coverage through a wrap-up or owner controlled insurance program (OCIP). This publication was prepared by the OCIP Task Force of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).

To learn more and order, please call (800) 827–4242.

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