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IRMI Releases New Cost Control For Hard Market

Dallas, TX, August 26, 2002International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), has recently published the Third Edition of 101 Ways To Cut Business Insurance Costs without Sacrificing Protection, a virtual "how to" guide of cost-cutting strategies for every major line of coverage. This popular book is designed to help insurance buyers and their agents/brokers do a better and quicker job of auditing their insurance program to control insurance costs without giving up necessary protection.

"Insurance buying became so easy during the soft insurance market of the 1990s that many insurance buyers-as well as many of the insurance agents/brokers who represent them-forgot the fundamental steps that can be taken to keep premiums from getting out of hand," explained IRMI president and book coauthor Jack Gibson. "The substantial premium hikes everyone is now seeing on their renewals has revived the need for active management of insurance costs, and this book gives insurance buyers the practical advice and information they need to once again take charge of their insurance destiny."

This gold mine of 101 tried-and-true strategies for controlling business insurance costs addresses each of the major commercial lines coverages and is even organized by line of coverage to help you find information easily. 101 Ways explains how insurers compute premiums, where mistakes are often made, and how to find (and correct) these errors.

This practical guide:

  • Explains experience rating, how it works, and offers five ways to lower your modifier
  • Gives five ways to cut workers compensation costs with deductibles and loss-sensitive plans
  • Provides 11 techniques for eliminating workers compensation losses and their attendant costs
  • Explains the right way to pick a professional agent or broker, and provides five suggestions on how to cut premiums with competitive insurance proposals
  • Describes the claims adjusting process, presenting seven tips for obtaining larger settlements and getting claims paid
  • Tells how to take control of the premium audit process to make sure your company (or your client) isn't overcharged
  • Equips you with 68 more specific strategies you can use to take control of property and liability insurance expenses

To order the new $34.95 101 Ways To Cut Business Insurance Costs without Sacrificing Protection, call 800-827-4242 (in Dallas 972-960-7693), or order online at

Founded in 1978, International Risk Management Institute, Inc., (IRMI), is a Dallas-based research and publishing organization specializing in risk management and insurance reference manuals, books, and newsletters. These references and the firm's website,, provide practical strategies and tactics for insurance buyers, human resources professionals, risk managers, agents, brokers, underwriters, claims adjusters, and attorneys. IRMI is also the sponsor of the annual IRMI Construction Risk Conference, which is the only national symposium devoted exclusively to managing and insuring construction risks. Visit IRMI, or call 1-800-827-4242 for more information.

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