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IRMI Launches RMIS Review

Dallas, TX, November 28, 2007International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), introduces RMIS Review, an online information service that will save untold amounts of time and minimize the possibility of making costly mistakes in choosing and implementing a risk management information system (RMIS). With unbiased systems analyses, comparative charts showing vendor information and ratings, and a recommended RMIS selection process, RMIS Review will guide you through the complicated, time-consuming, and ever-changing technological world of risk management information systems.

An RMIS is a computerized composition of software applications and databases that enable risk managers to evaluate claims and other information and make informed risk management decisions. These complex and costly systems gather and organize claims, exposure, and other data; analyze, synthesize, and prioritize that data; provide "what-if" analysis modeling for risk financing and risk control options; and enable reporting of those findings and results. The variety of features and cost of the many available systems makes comparing, selecting, and implementing one a daunting task.

RMIS Review evaluates key information about the major risk management information systems and their vendors to assist in the selection and purchase of a system. These side-by-side system evaluations include up-to-date vendor pricing methodologies to make the evaluation process efficient and thorough for system purchasers, brokers, and consultants. David A. Tweedy, an internationally recognized expert in the RMIS and claims management arena, serves as the editor of RMIS Review in providing unbiased analysis. Mr. Tweedy has more than 25 years' experience as a risk management consultant, much of which has focused on the selection, implementation, and use of risk management information systems.

"My goal with RMIS Review has been to provide the risk management professional with a Consumer Reports style of comprehensive and objective comparative analyses of risk management information systems. There is so much confusion out there with directories that do not provide the necessary information for risk managers to make informed decisions on probably their most important tool to measure and evaluate risk," said David Tweedy, editor of RMIS Review.

IRMI President Jack Gibson said, "Risk managers have enough to worry about without the loss of credibility, frustration, wasted time, and headaches associated with making a bad RMIS choice. With RMIS Review we set out to give them the initial blueprint for a successful selection and implementation process. Dave Tweedy is the expert on this subject and he has unselfishly put his knowledge and expertise into RMIS Review. Considering the cost of purchasing and implementing an RMIS—in both money and time—wise risk managers will make good use of the knowledge in RMIS Review when selecting a system."

RMIS Review is available via IRMI Online, and will also soon be available on SilverPlume/Sage. The cost of single user IRMI Online access is $597 per year and multi-user licenses are also available. Learn more about RMIS Review by visiting or calling IRMI Client Services at (800) 827–4242. RMIS vendors may also license the right to distribute reprints of their system's review by contacting Paul Murray at (800) 827-4242 ext. 313.

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