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IRMI Partners with Document Crunch to Bring Contract Risk Intelligence to Construction Risk Managers

Dallas, TX, November 13, 2023—International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), a provider of insurance and risk management technical resources, and Document Crunch, a leading contract intelligence platform purpose built for the construction industry, today announced their strategic partnership to bring better contract intelligence and risk analysis to those charged with managing contract risks and insurance on construction projects.

Announced during the 43rd IRMI Construction Risk Conference in Orlando, this partnership represents a fusion of Document Crunch's state-of-the-art contract risk review capabilities and IRMI's esteemed reputation for providing unbiased and detailed analysis to effectively manage risk.

IRMI recognized its customers were facing common challenges during the contract review process and subsequent research for solutions. This collaboration with Document Crunch bridges the gap by delivering a tailor-made solution that enriches and simplifies contract risk review while incorporating IRMI’s expert analysis of critical provisions. This innovative partnership will enable risk managers to more efficiently and accurately identify issues, assess risks, and make well-informed recommendations.

"Knowing where the risks lie is fundamental to an effective risk management strategy. Document Crunch's artificial intelligence driven approach to pinpointing potential contract issues seamlessly aligns with our mission to equip risk and insurance professionals with the right tools for managing risk effectively,” said Joel Applebaum, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer at IRMI “We aim to connect the dots between identifying potential issues in contracts and providing expert analysis, specifically focusing on areas where IRMI adds significant value. "

Josh Levy, co-founder and CEO of Document Crunch, emphasized, "Our collaboration with IRMI signifies more than a mere construction technology tool; it embodies a comprehensive risk management solution for the construction industry. We're dedicated to centralizing risk intelligence and allowing risk management professionals to make better decisions while being informed by one of the industry’s leaders, IRMI."

The collaboration's primary objective is to integrate IRMI's best-in-class recommendations for assessing clauses such as consequential damages and liquidated damages, directly into the Document Crunch platform. By infusing IRMI's expertise into contract language and insights, users gain access to a wealth of information, enabling more informed decision-making while evaluating contract provisions.

About IRMI

For more than 40 years, IRMI has helped our customers save lives and livelihoods as the premier provider of risk management and insurance information, tools, education, and training. IRMI helps risk management, insurance, and legal professionals make better decisions for their companies and clients with unbiased expertise and balanced, comprehensive content. 

About Document Crunch

Document Crunch is a contract intelligence platform–leveraging proprietary AI and machine learning–that simplifies construction contracts, quickly identifying critical risk provisions and providing guidance so teams can make great decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle. The company is on a mission to empower everyone in the construction industry to understand what’s in their contracts. To learn more, visit

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