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White Paper

Trucking Liability Insurance

Bobtail and Deadhead Coverage: Liability Insurance for Nontrucking Use (IFNTU)

Truckers have unique insurance needs. The motor carrier policy, truckers policy, trailer interchange coverage, motor truck cargo insurance, and insurance for nontrucking use (IFNTU) are all examples of insurance solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of truckers.

This white paper explores the IFNTU coverage, focusing on what IFNTU is, solutions for addressing the exposures of IFNTU, and the court decisions interpreting the scope of IFNTU.

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What You'll Learn

In the competitive marketplace, IFNTU policies are sold either individually (usually in conjunction with the owner-operator physical damage coverage) or as part of a group of owner-operators permanently leased to a single regulated motor carrier. Since the latter can generate substantial premiums, some retail truck producers and truck insurers aggressively seek such IFNTU fleet policies.

Your takeaways from this report include the following.

  • Trucking terminology: the trucking industry versus the insurance industry
  • What IFNTU is and why it was developed
  • Solutions and insurance coverage addressing the IFNTU exposure
  • The coverage, claims, and court interpretations of IFNTU exposures

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