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A Guide to Consultative Sales for Insurance

A Guide to Consultative Sales for Insurance

Consultative selling is the relationship-driven process that successful agents and brokers use to build long-term partnerships with their clients. Following this strategy will help you cultivate long-term client relationships that are resilient to hard markets and low-cost competition.

This free white paper outlines a 5-part consultative selling strategy that will help you position yourself as a trusted adviser and risk management partner instead of an insurance policy salesperson.

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Why Is Consultative Selling Such a Critical Skill for Insurance Agents and Brokers To Develop?

Insurance is a business built on relationships. A typical customer cannot effectively compare the subtle nuances of insurance policies, endorsements, and exclusions. Many are simply looking for the lowest price, which could ultimately lead to dangerous coverage gaps and uncovered losses. Consultative selling allows you to become your clients' trusted risk management adviser, leading to better outcomes for both insurance buyer and seller.

Using IRMI Content To Facilitate Consultative Insurance Sales

See how you can use IRMI subscription content as your secret weapon to elevate your consultative sales strategy.

The 5-Step Consultative Sales Process for Insurance

Download your copy of the free white paper A Guide to Consultative Sales for Insurance and get a step-by-step road map for implementing these 5 key relationship-building tactics.

Rapport building. Explore strategies for building or strengthening personal relationships and getting past any negative impressions from prior experiences with less authentic sales representatives.

Needs assessment. Establish your process for gaining a comprehensive understanding of a prospect's exposures—even ones they might not be aware of—so you can convert that information into an actionable strategy for an insurance program.

Program proposal. Avoid falling into the trap of simply offering a program as similar to the incumbent's as possible at a lower price, and learn how to include risk management strategies other than insurance in your recommendations.

Objection handling. Have a plan for addressing customer concerns, and discover how to unearth the real reason behind a prospect's reluctance to move forward.

Closing and relationship management. Find out why an unsuccessful close may be the first step toward a long-term business relationship and how you can provide value by being an advocate for existing customers.

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