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Agribusiness Mobile Equipment and Auto

If It Moves, Insure It! Your Guide to Mobile Equipment and Auto Exposures in Agribusiness

It takes more than one card to make a good hand in poker, and it takes more than one policy to make an effective agribusiness insurance program. Understanding how each policy in the program responds to the total exposure and how individual policies can complement the others puts the focus on cost-effective coverage versus cheap policies. It also offers more value to the customer with less opportunity for a claim to fall into one of the gaps.

This 15-page free report provides you with an in-depth overview of the vehicle- and equipment-related loss exposures that equipment-intensive agribusinesses face. Learn the various ways the exposures can be insured and how to coordinate policies to close the circle of coverage. Subscribe to IRMI AgriRisk and get your copy today.

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IRMI AgriRisk is a monthly email newsletter that explores the unique exposures faced by farms and agribusinesses and will help you stay ahead of emerging strategies for managing agribusiness risks. With expert analysis, proven tactics, and hot-button topics, IRMI AgriRisk will equip you with the tools you need to create a solid agribusiness risk management and insurance program.

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