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Revised CG 21 44 Discussion in Commercial Liability Insurance

This Commercial Liability Insurance release discusses the revised edition of endorsement CG 21 44 that has been implemented countrywide. The 04–17 edition of this endorsement has a new name—Limitation of Coverage to Designated Premises, Project or Operation—and a substantially altered effect on commercial general liability (CGL) coverage. Our annotation of the endorsement has been revised to reflect these new coverage features and to offer suggestions to insureds facing this substantial reduction in general liability coverage for scheduled premises.

The changes to CG 21 44 provided an opportunity for revisions and expansions of the other Category 21 CGL endorsement analyses, ranging over such topics as excluding wrap-up work from a contractor's CGL program, prior work exclusions, and new entity coverage. The 2015 reauthorization of the federal terrorism risk and insurance program made necessary a new set of "contingent" terrorism endorsements, and those are reproduced and discussed along with the other Category 21 endorsements.

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