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Return-to Work Programs, Contractors Coverage Gaps, and D&O Liability Examined in Practical Risk Management

This Practical Risk Management release adds two new topics—"Return-to-Work Programs" and "Avoiding Gaps in Contractors Property Coverage." This release also includes an updated and expanded discussion of "Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability." See also the October issue of Risk Management Notes for brief summaries of recently reported items that may be of interest.

"Return-to-Work Programs" describes the benefits of return-to-work programs, discusses the reasons that return-to-work programs sometimes fail, and provides a template for a return-to-work program.

"Avoiding Gaps in Contractors Property Coverage" discusses the mistakes contractors can make when insuring property and the various property coverages purchased by contractors. It describes which coverage offers the best protection under various circumstances, and it provides checklists showing the types of property and the hazards that are often excluded from standard contractors property policies.

"Directors and Officers Liability." discusses the standards of care to which directors and officers are held, specific federal statutes that can give rise to liability, methods to reduce the risk of liability, and the two lines of defense standing between those filing lawsuits and the personal assets of directors.

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