Product Update

"Preparing for a Tightening Insurance Market" in Risk Financing

Risk Financing Perspectives for June 2019 offers guidelines for insurance and risk management professionals to use in preparing for anticipated changes in the commercial property and casualty insurance market. Across most lines of coverage and geographies, insurers are exercising the underwriting discipline they have sought to do for some time in their efforts to return to underwriting profitability. While the extent of change in the market is more prominent in some lines and geographies than in others, conditions are firming almost universally. This year, renewals are reflecting widespread adjustments. Insureds can best mitigate the impacts by anticipating the changes and establishing solid plans to address them.

"Market Corner" provides quarterly updates on current property and casualty insurance market conditions. After a prolonged period of stability and competitive conditions across a wide section of the market, signs of corrective actions for most lines of business are becoming more prominent. The industry remains very well capitalized, but underwriters are becoming more selective in determining where to put that capital at risk.