Product Update

Personal Exposures Questionnaire, Newly Acquired Auto, Compulsory and Financial Liability, UM, No-Fault, and Firearms Coverage in PRMI

This release to Personal Risk Management and Insurance updates and expands the preinterview questionnaireloss exposure survey, and explanation/recommendations sections to reflect newer loss exposures, such as house sharing, car sharing, ridesharing, smart and green home technology, drones, and other emerging trends. This section is unique because it not only asks the pertinent questions but also offers agents and brokers numerous and detailed risk management recommendations for their clients.

This release also updates the state-by-state "newly acquired auto" definition and the overview of compulsory liability, financial responsibility, uninsured motorists (UM), and no-fault coverages, including the interpretation of new studies. In addition, it introduces a new discussion on personal firearms liability coverage with accompanying loss control measures. Lastly, it updates eight UM/UIM state pages and four no-fault state pages.