Product Update

New Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit Endorsements in Commercial Liability Insurance

Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), has filed a number of new endorsements for use with the standard commercial general liability (CGL) coverage form and some miscellaneous general liability coverage forms as well as revised versions of several other standard CGL endorsements. Implementation of the new and revised forms is scheduled in most jurisdictions for December 1, 2019. The endorsements addressed in the filing affect a range of coverage topics. This Commercial Liability Insurance release includes a number of annotations for new endorsements introduced in the filing.

The 2019 ISO filing introduces new endorsements that create separate products-completed operations aggregate limits applicable on a per-project or per-location basis. These endorsements are intended as counterparts to existing endorsements Designated Construction Project(s) General Aggregate Limit (CG 25 03) and Designated Location(s) General Aggregate Limit (CG 25 04), which are used to create separate general aggregate limits in similar circumstances.

The following new endorsements, for use with the CGL and products-competed operations coverage forms respectively, create separate products-completed operations aggregates for any scheduled project or for each of the insured's projects on a blanket basis.

In addition, the following endorsements, again applicable respectively to the CGL and products-completed operations coverage forms, create separate per-location products-completed operations aggregates for individual scheduled locations or for each of the insured's locations on a blanket basis.