Product Update

New ISO Cannabis , CGL, and Umbrella Endorsements Analyzed in Commercial Liability Insurance

This Commercial Liability Insurance release contains analyses of a number of new commercial general liability (CGL) and commercial umbrella endorsements promulgated as part of two Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), 2021 countrywide filings.

New Cannabis Endorsements

Notable among these new filings are five cannabis endorsements for both the CGL and umbrella policies. These new endorsements build upon the previously released ISO cannabis filings, adding new underwriting tools to address this rapidly evolving exposure. Two of the five new CGL cannabis endorsements (CG 40 25 and CG 40 26) are also designed for use with the products-completed operations policy, and a sixth endorsement, Defense within Limits—Products/Completed Operations (CG 34 76), is exclusive to the products-completed operations policy. This endorsement might be used to limit the amount of coverage for products-completed operations exposures that are likely to involve lengthy and costly litigation or those that are more likely to result in large damages awards or so-called nuclear verdicts.

New Umbrella "Adjunct" Endorsements

This release includes three additional new endorsements that are used to modify a separate endorsement—Excess Auto Dealers Acts, Errors or Omissions Liability Coverages (CU 04 23). Because CU 04 23 is a coverage granting endorsement (when attached to the ISO umbrella policy), it contains an insuring agreement and other provisions that may then be amended by these new "adjunct" endorsements.

Note—all endorsements have a proposed effective date of August 1, 2021.

New CGL and Products/Completed Operations Endorsements

New ISO Umbrella Endorsements