Product Update

New Cannabis and Cannabis with Hemp Exception Exclusionary Endorsements in Commercial Liability Insurance

Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), has filed a number of new endorsements for use with the standard commercial general liability (CGL) coverage form and some miscellaneous general liability coverage forms as well as revised versions of several other standard CGL endorsements. Implementation of the new and revised forms is scheduled in most jurisdictions for December 1, 2019. The endorsements addressed in the filing affect a range of coverage topics. This Commercial Liability Insurance release includes a number of annotations for new endorsements introduced in the filing.

A number of new cannabis exclusionary endorsements are introduced that broadly exclude exposures involving cannabis business activities (e.g., selling, serving, furnishing) and contact with cannabis (e.g., inhalation, consumption, ingestion).

These three endorsements are for use with the standard CGL coverage form. Corresponding versions of CG 40 14 and CG 40 15 are also introduced for use with the following general liability coverage forms.