Product Update

New and Revised ISO CGL Endorsement Discussions in Commercial Liability Insurance

This Commercial Liability Insurance release is devoted to analyses of the new and revised commercial general liability (CGL) endorsements that went into use in most jurisdictions in December of last year. The affected endorsements address a broad range of exposures and coverage options, from new sources of liability such as legalized marijuana, genetically modified foods, and e-cigarettes, to clarifications of existing endorsements for excluding wrap-up work from contractors' own CGL policies, to a collection of new blanket endorsements that provide automatic coverage in some circumstances where only scheduled coverage was available up until now—additional insured status for vendors and nonconstruction risks, waiver of subrogation, and completed operations.

The October 2019 release notes summarized the most important changes and innovations introduced by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), with this countrywide filing and should be referred to for form numbers and subject matter of the new and revised endorsements.