Product Update

Motor Vehicle and MCS-90 Updates in Commercial Auto Insurance

This release of Commercial Auto Insurance (CAI) updates the Motor Vehicle Registration and Compulsory Responsibility Statute section, including the overview and the state summaries.

The entire section dealing with financial responsibility and compulsory liability insurance and laws has been refreshed and updated. There is a new format for the Motor Vehicle Statutes State Pages, and we hope you enjoy the fresh look as well as the update of the state laws and legislation.

A complete revision of the MCS-90 endorsement discussion is presented to coincide with the release of the third edition of The MCS-90 Book. The MCS-90 Book presents a fresh, comprehensive look at the highly misunderstood and often litigated MCS-90 endorsement. The endorsement is added to many truckers and motor carrier policies to ensure that the insured motor carrier is in compliance with federally mandated financial responsibility limits, including not only bodily injury and property damage liability but also environmental restoration.