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ISO Commercial Umbrella Liability Form Discussion Expanded in Commercial Liability Insurance

This Commercial Liability Insurance release continues the expansion of our treatment of the commercial umbrella liability coverage form developed by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO). That coverage form, introduced in 2000, has become increasingly widely used and has played a role in influencing the development of other umbrella coverage forms in the intervening years—particularly those that have adopted the so-called bifurcated Coverage A/Coverage B format. New material in this release annotates the exclusions applicable to the form's Coverage A, and the insuring agreement for Coverage B. These two coverages of the ISO commercial umbrella correspond directly to the identically named coverage sections of the ISO commercial general liability form—"Bodily Injury and Property Damage" and "Personal and Advertising Injury."

Future releases will annotate the remaining sections of the form—Coverage B Exclusions, Supplementary Payments, Who Is an Insured, Limits of Insurance, Conditions, and Definitions. The ultimate goal is to give our users an analysis of the ISO commercial umbrella comparable in depth and detail to our annotated ISO commercial general liability coverage form.

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