Product Update

ISO Commercial Umbrella Form Analyses Provided in Commercial Liability Insurance

This Commercial Liability Insurance release continues the annotation of the commercial umbrella coverage form developed by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), with detailed analyses of the "Who Is an Insured" section of the form and the conditions section. Like the rest of ISO's commercial umbrella form, these sections of the policy are adapted from the corresponding provisions of the standard commercial general liability (CGL) and business auto coverage forms. Special notice and explanatory attention are given in the annotations to the points at which the three standard coverage forms diverge. For example, insured status for employees under the umbrella form makes no exception for professional medical services provided by employees (as the CGL form does) since the umbrella excludes professional healthcare services from coverage altogether. On the other hand, the umbrella specifically excludes injury to fellow employees from the insured status otherwise granted to employees—a restriction that is not necessary in the business auto policy, which does not apply to coemployee injury in the first place.

Special attention is given to the umbrella policy conditions that have no counterpart in primary general liability coverage forms—Appeals, Loss Payable, Transfer of Defense, Maintenance of Underlying, and Expanded Coverage Territory—as well as to the umbrella form's "Other Insurance" provision, which differs substantially from the CGL condition of the same name.