Product Update

How To Get the Best Deal from a Construction Underwriter in Construction Risk Management

This release of Construction Risk Management includes an updated discussion of how to get the best deal from a construction underwriter.

Your objective when buying insurance is no different from most major purchases: you want the best value at the lowest cost. To get the best deal available, you will need to differentiate your company from the universe of contractors wanting insurance and get insurance companies to compete for your business. The better you do that, the better your terms and pricing will be.

"Underwriting Construction Risks: How Contractors Get the Best Terms and Price" outlines how base rates are calculated and the types of information you will need to provide for each line of insurance to differentiate your construction company from contractors in your class. Be prepared to do a little work, because submitting only the information asked for in the applications is not going to get you the best deal because applications only collect the bare minimum. To get the best coverage terms and pricing, you must do more. You must tell the underwriter your story.

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