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Hospital Professional Liability Coverage Update in Professional Liability Insurance

This Professional Liability Insurance release features a comprehensive update of the "Hospital Professional Liability Coverage Analysis" section.

Among other changes, the section has been updated to better address the coverage features associated with "credentialing" or "staff privileges" incidents, exposures that can be just as significant and costly as actual medical incidents. Accordingly, representative insuring agreements and other citations of actual policy wording have been updated throughout the section to demonstrate how more recent hospital professional liability policies cover (and defend) not only credentialing and medical incident exposures but also general liability exposures.

The discussion regarding how coverage applies to hospital employees, found within the "Hospital Professional Liability: Insureds" subsection, has also been bolstered to further clarify when coverage does and does not apply, particularly for "employed specialists." Also within this subsection is an expanded discussion regarding coverage for "leased" and/or "temporary" workers.

Within the "Hospital Professional Liability: Subrogation and Other Standard Conditions" subsection, a number of new topics are addressed, including other insurance provisions, provisions barring coverage in the event of any alteration of medical records, lack of coverage for routine patient incident reports, and provisions pertaining to government access to certain records.

Finally, the "Hospital Professional Liability Exclusions" subsection has been updated to address exclusions for fee disputes, discrimination, experimental and/or high-risk treatment, and fungi and/or bacteria.

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