Product Update

Hiring a Risk Management Consultant and Terrorism Endorsement Updates in Construction Risk Management

This release of Construction Risk Management includes tips for hiring a risk management consultant and updates to discussions of standard terrorism endorsements (for commercial property, liability, workers compensation, and auto insurance lines).

Hiring a Risk Management Consultant

Risk management consultants perform a number of services for organizations, including feasibility studies and audits. Effective use of consultants can be a fundamental part of a contractor's risk management strategy. "Hiring a Risk Management Consultant" outlines how to get the most from your consulting budget through effective hiring and utilization of consultants.

Terrorism Endorsements

Standard terrorism endorsements are available for use on commercial property, commercial liability, and workers compensation policies that comply with the requirements of the Terrorism Risk and Insurance Act (TRIA) as reauthorized in the Terrorism Risk and Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2019. Because commercial auto is not covered by TRIA, insurers have more flexibility for tailoring the scope of coverage offered for terrorism, and standard terrorism endorsements are available to help them do so.