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Endorsement CG 20 10 Analyzed in Contractual Risk Transfer

The insurance industry's efforts to provide separately underwritten additional insured coverage with respect to the named insured's work in progress and completed operations have a complicated history. The 1993 revision of standard endorsements, which tied the additional insured's coverage to the named insured's "ongoing operations," rather than to "your work, did not ideally clarify things, as a number of subsequent court decisions—including a recent appellate ruling from California—illustrate. Additional exclusionary language introduced in 2001 remains critically important in limiting the scope of standard additional insured coverage, particularly since coverage for completed operations is now available to additional insureds by means of endorsement CG 20 37. The drafting and judicial history of standard (and some nonstandard) additional insured endorsements is reviewed and analyzed in detail in Contractual Risk Transfer's annotation of CG 20 10.

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