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Employment Practices Liability Exposures Updated in Professional Liability Insurance

This Professional Liability Insurance release updates a number of discussions regarding employment-related events and legal developments. The Trump administration's Department of Justice has opined that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act does not encompass sexual orientation discrimination within its definition of sex discrimination. This release also analyzes data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's fiscal year report for 2016. Other key employment trends examined in this release include (a) the finding of a Florida federal court that a national grocery chain's website was inaccessible to a visually impaired plaintiff, an increasingly common type of third-party employment discrimination claim; (b) how ban-the-box legislation, which is aimed at helping job applicants with criminal records more easily obtain employment, is sometimes having the reverse effect; (c) a class action in North Carolina by a group of Uber drivers (claiming to be employees rather than independent contractors) that was recently granted conditional class action status by a federal district court; (d) why class action claims alleging violation of job applicants' rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act are increasing; and (e) how implementation of the Obama-era overtime threshold increase remains stalled in the courts.

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