Product Update

Cyber Incident Exclusion Endorsements and Cyber-Attack Coverage Discussed in Commercial Property Insurance

This release to Commercial Property Insurance (CPI) addresses the December 2020 cyber incident exclusion endorsements for use with the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), commercial property policy forms.

Beginning in December 2020 in a number of jurisdictions (currently 26 jurisdictions), ISO commercial property program rules will require the attachment of a cyber incident exclusion endorsement to all policies. There are two options: either the Cyber Incident Exclusion (CP 10 75) endorsement or the Cyber Incident Exclusion with Ensuing Cause(s) of Loss Exceptions (CP 10 76) endorsement.

This release provides discussions and specimen copies of these two endorsements and of the December 2020 edition of the Spoilage Coverage (CP 04 40) endorsement, which contains a new provision on the applicability of the cyber incident exclusion. Also, the discussion of cyber-attack coverage under commercial property policies has been updated to reflect the new ISO cyber incident exclusion endorsements.