Product Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources in IRMI Workers Comp

After writing "Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Is It Compensable?," it became very clear that bringing COVID-19 under control will be a marathon, not a sprint, providing the workers compensation system with its biggest challenge since 9/11. Workers Compensation and COVID-19—Resources has been added to IRMI Workers Comp to provide some resources that can be used to assist navigating the new normal for employers and their workers. This information will be updated regularly. Also, due to COVID-19, many state insurance regulators have issued bulletins and directives aimed at providing a grace period for the payment insurance premiums, cancellations, and the nonrenewal of insurance policies. At the beginning of the State Cancellation/Nonrenewal Provisions for Workers Compensation Coverage chart contained in this publication, there is a link to a chart of COVID-19 State Cancellation Bulletins and Directives. This information will be updated frequently.