Product Update

Auto Insurance Proof of Coverage, State-Specific Endorsements, and Checklist Updates in CAI

This release of Commercial Auto Insurance (CAI) includes the following updates.

Auto Insurance Proof of Coverage Form

For the month of April 2021, the regulatory agency contact information has been updated for Arkansas auto proof of insurance coverage.

State-Specific Endorsements

There are multiple changes to the state-specific endorsements as the result of current legislative actions or revisions due to the November 2020 edition changes implemented by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO). This release contains the following state-specific endorsements that were recently updated.

  • California: California Changes—Leasing or Rental Concerns—Contingent Coverage (CA 20 26)
  • Florida: Florida Changes (CA 01 28) and Florida Changes—Cancellation and Nonrenewal (CA 02 67)
  • Maryland: Maryland Changes—Auto Dealers Coverage Form (CA 01 01)
  • Michigan: Michigan Personal Injury Protection (CA 22 20), Michigan Property Protection Coverage (CA 22 24), and Michigan Customer Complaint Legal Defense Coverage (Claims-Made Defense Expenses Only) (Auto Dealers Coverage Form) (CA 27 02)
  • Mississippi: Update reflecting legislative change in Mississippi Tort Claims Act
  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Changes—Auto Dealers Coverage Form (CA 01 57) and Pennsylvania Changes (CA 01 80)
  • Texas: Communicable Disease Exclusion for General Liability Coverages (CA 25 57) (only applies to auto dealers policy)

Checklists Updated

With the implementation of the November 2020 ISO commercial auto changes for the business auto (CA 00 01), auto dealers (CA 00 25), and motor carrier (CA 00 20) coverage forms, the "Commercial Auto Insurance Checklists" have been also been updated to reflect the November 2020 edition changes.