Product Update

2020 ISO Business Auto Policy Analysis Now Available in Commercial Auto Insurance

This release of Commercial Auto Insurance presents a detailed form analysis of the 2020 business auto policy (BAP). It is the first coverage form analysis in a series that includes the BAP, auto dealers, and motor carrier coverage forms. These analyses are a comprehensive review of the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), 11 20 (November 2020) revisions to the multistate commercial auto program.

In addition to the 11 20 BAP coverage form analysis, an analysis of the 32 endorsements modified in the 11 20 revision is also included in this release. Some revisions broaden coverage; some reduce coverage; and some endorsements both broaden and reduce coverage. (The October 2020 release discussed and analyzed the 19 new endorsements introduced as part of the 11 20 ISO revision to the commercial auto program. The October 2020 release also included an executive summary and a detailed summary of the 11 20 edition commercial auto changes.)

Note: Even though the ISO changes are designated as the "11 20" (November 2020) edition, the revised and new forms are not effective until December 1, 2020, subject to state insurance departments' approval dates. The changes are based on recommendations from agents and insurers.

Additionally, the state-specific commercial auto endorsement section has been updated to reflect the 11 20 changes.

The 11 20 edition detailed form analyses for the auto dealers and motor carrier coverage forms will be available in the first quarter of 2021.