Product Update

2019 ISO Additional Insured Endorsements in Contractual Risk Transfer

This release of Contractual Risk Transfer contains a discussion of the 2019 Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), additional insured endorsements that pertain to contractual risk transfer.

As part of a major countrywide filing for its commercial general liability program, ISO has introduced several new or revised additional insured endorsements. Several are newly developed automatic versions of existing endorsements and provide insured status under a named insured's commercial general liability policy whenever such coverage is required in a contract or agreement. Some of the most significant of these new endorsements provide automatic insured status for vendors (CG 20 44), additional insureds in connection with certain nonconstruction risks (CG 20 42 and CG 20 43), and insured status for completed operations (CG 20 39 and CG 20 40). Another new additional insured endorsement provides contractually required completed operations coverage under the policy of a named insured whose business is classified as "products included" and thus does not apply to the "products-completed operations hazard" (CG 20 41).