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Hazardous Enumerated Procedures Exclusion

Hazardous/Enumerated Procedures Exclusion


Hazardous/Enumerated Procedures Exclusion — an exclusion contained in the majority of physicians professional liability insurance policies that precludes coverage for a specific list of medical procedures. These procedures are excluded because they typically involve higher-than-average risks of claims that standard physicians policies are not priced to cover. Examples of the most common hazardous/enumerated procedures include administering general anesthesia, performing bariatric surgical procedures, and injecting silicone fluid. If a physician regularly (or even occasionally) performs any of these enumerated procedures, the insurer will likely remove the procedure from the list and provide a coverage quotation reflecting an additional premium to insure the exposure. The purpose of this exclusion is to alert insured physicians that if they perform any of the procedures specified in the exclusion, they should notify the insurer so that the policy can be re-rated and an additional premium quoted.

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