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Anti Slapp Law

Anti-SLAPP Law


Anti-SLAPP Law — a type of law aimed at countering Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP). SLAPP lawsuits often involve high-profile, large, wealthy companies or individuals suing a less prominent defendant in an attempt to restrict or limit criticism. As such, SLAPP lawsuits (and anti-SLAPP laws) are particularly relevant for large media organizations and media professional liability. Many states have enacted anti-SLAPP laws in order to provide a cost-effective way for defendants to prevail in lawsuits that are perceived to restrict free speech on a public concern. Under most anti-SLAPP laws, an evidentiary burden shifts to the plaintiff (i.e., the plaintiff must show that they have sufficient evidence for a favorable verdict before the lawsuit can proceed). Furthermore, if a defendant successfully counters with an anti-SLAPP dismissal, he or she can recover reasonable attorney's fees from the plaintiff.

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