Our Story

How We Got To Where We Are Today

Our Story

Image of IRMI's first logoInternational Risk Management Institute, Inc., now known as IRMI, was founded in 1978 primarily to educate risk managers, insurance agents/brokers, underwriters, and other insurance professionals by conducting seminars. In conjunction with these programs, risk and insurance publications were developed to provide what we felt was much-needed information in an evolving industry. So popular were these publications that, by the mid-1980s, publishing had become our primary focus.

At that time, we formulated a strategic plan to develop a practical and detailed reference library covering all facets of property and casualty insurance and risk management. Originally, these were printed and housed in three-ring binders for which we provided quarterly supplements. The loose-leaf supplements were shrink-wrapped and shipped to subscribers, who then inserted the new and replacement pages into their binders.Image of CLI binder

Today, IRMI publishes the most comprehensive (and, we think, practical) risk and insurance library of any publisher. No longer in print form, the IRMI KnowledgeBase has expanded to more than 75,000 pages and is available online through our own platform, IRMI Online, and as part of Vertafore’s ReferenceConnect service (formerly SilverPlume). Our subscriber family encompasses thousands of risk, insurance, and legal professionals serving all industries across the globe.

IRMI also publishes an extensive library of free articles, white papers, a glossary, and other content on IRMI.com, one of the most visited websites for risk professionals. With more than 6 million visitors each year (and that number is growing steadily), IRMI.com has broad appeal, providing content on a wide range of topics. IRMI also offers a number of free email newsletters that serve as companions to both our free content and our subscription-based reference services. The flagship email newsletter, IRMI Update, has one of the largest circulations in the property and casualty insurance arena with more than 53,000 subscribers.

Image of IRMI's second logoIRMI scaled back its seminars in the late 1980s as we focused on hosting national and regional risk management and insurance conferences. The IRMI Construction Risk Conference was our first such program and has become the premier event for people who manage or insure construction risks. IRMI now also hosts the annual Energy Risk & Insurance Conference as well as the Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference.

In 2000, IRMI partnered with a start-up Internet company, agreeing to write insurance continuing education courses that would be sold and consumed on a delivery platform the company created. That company, WebCE, subsequently became the largest provider of online CE courses for the financial services industry, and IRMI acquired WebCE in 2011. Today, IRMI and WebCE work together to maintain a dominant market position in financial services continuing education by providing top-notch courses at very reasonable prices and backing it all up with superior technology and customer service.

In 2005, we identified a need for industry-specific risk and insurance continuing education that could be offered on a larger scale and more economically than is possible with live conferences. As a start to filling that need, we introduced the Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS®) certification program, an online course of study served on the WebCE platform. Subsequently, we created the Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS®) program, the Energy Risk Insurance Specialist (ERISTM) program, the Transportation Risk and Insurance Professional (TRIP™) program, and acquired the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) program.

The IRMI founders selected an owl as a logo to convey the wisdom that IRMI provides to its customers. (In most of the western world, an owl is a symbol of wisdom, which stems from an English language nursery rhyme "A Wise Old Owl.")IRMI Corporate 2016

Throughout the years, our primary goal has always been to help people do a better job of managing risk by giving them the reliable and practical knowledge and wisdom they need to improve the way they do business. While IRMI has enjoyed many successes, what makes us proudest is our expanding family of subscribers and learning how we have helped them achieve their business or risk management goals over the years.

If our content, courses, certifications, or conferences have been helpful to you, we'd love to hear about it. See what our customers have to say, and please send us your IRMI comments.

Many thanks for your confidence and support over the years!

Our Mission, Values, & Objective

Help Our Customers Save Lives and Livelihoods

  • Be Honest and Open
  • Collaborate Selflessly
  • Focus on Customers
  • Drive for Results
  • Pursue Quality
  • Support Each Other

Equip our customers to facilitate consultative sales, enhance processes, and increase profitability.

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Since 1978, IRMI has helped risk and insurance professionals make wise decisions; that is why the owl is in our logo. We achieve our mission through the vast online IRMI KnowledgeBase, continuing education, conferences, and webinars, plus a vibrant online community of dedicated risk and insurance professionals.

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