Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

IRMI and WebCE maintain robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans that are regularly updated, tested, and rehearsed. This includes periodic simulations involving all our departments and employees. Below is a brief summary of how we will continue to serve you in the event of a physical disaster involving our facilities or some other event such as an epidemic, pandemic, severe weather event, terrorist attack, etc.

Work from Home Capability

Our disaster recovery and business continuity plans consider work from home a cornerstone of our ability to continue to serve you. We empower our employees with state-of-the-art technologies to maximize productivity and employee engagement. This includes the ability to telework, and many of our employees telework one or more days each week during normal times. In the event our premises become untenantable, or there is some other reason employees cannot work in the office, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is fully able to work from home with little loss of productivity or the ability to communicate with each other and our customers. We hold periodic simulations in which we ask employees to work from home for a full day to test our systems and train our people to function well away from the office.

Web-Based Products and Processes that Function with Little or No Human Intervention

Most of our products and services are accessed over the internet and will function seamlessly with little or no ongoing intervention from our colleagues. As a result, any temporary disruption in the ability of our employees to work will usually result in little or no interruption of our service to you.

Redundant Technology Protects Product Delivery Capability

Our reference content and continuing education products are served from a private cloud that is synched up in real time between two separate data centers. If either data center goes down for any reason, product delivery capabilities fail over to the other data center.

Availability of Business Applications

We use a variety of software applications to run our business and serve you. Depending on the application, this software resides in either the public cloud or our private cloud and is available to our employees both in the office and away from the office. All data is backed up in the public cloud or between our two data centers.

Cyber Security

Cyber risk is pervasive across all industries, and we take security very seriously.  We utilize modern versions of software and diligently apply security updates as soon as possible after they are released. We employ appropriate firewalls and virus protection software and have taken steps to segregate and protect data within our network. We also use monthly online trainings to educate our employees on cyber threats and best practices to mitigate the risk of intrusions and data breaches.