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White Paper

Construction Safety Insights

Construction Safety Insights and Suggestions Preventing Serious Injuries and Fatalities

This report analyzes the attitudes and behavior of construction workers and supervisors toward safety and safety training to gain insights that could help prevent serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) from occurring on construction sites.

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About the Study

In 2018, the IRMI MindForge team hired consulting firm Mad Pow to perform a series of on-site interviews and observations at three construction sites in different areas of the United States. What we learned is presented in this executive summary.

The report includes recommendations for construction safety training, including suggestions for program structure and content.

About MindForge

MindForge-400wA sister company of IRMI, MIndForge is a cloud-based software platform that streamlines how construction contractors manage, train, and engage their workforce. It helps bridge the communication divide between the home office and the frontline workforce by providing a direct conduit for training, documentation, and information. Our mission is to study behavioral, motivational and systematic issues related to serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) to build a body of knowledge that will culminate in training and software explicitly designed to help keep workers safe.

Our studies have shown that it's difficult to get information and training to the front line. And that effort is made more difficult because jobsites have a mix of self-performers and subcontractors. We believe that by bridging this gap, contractors can effectively transfer critical knowledge, skills, and information, when it's needed, to ultimately reduce SIFs.

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