Product Update

State Posting Notice and Payroll Limitations Updates for IRMI Workers Comp

This release of IRMI Workers Comp contains updated material pertaining to state-specific posting notices and payroll limitations for sole proprietors, partners, executive officers, and limited liability company members.

For the month of October 2018, the following states had a change that affected posting notice requirements.

  • Delaware (DE)—Update of posting notice now carries a September 28, 2018, date.
  • Tennessee (TN)—Update of posting notice now carries an April 2018 date.
  • Texas (TX)—Addition of Vietnamese language versions of Notices 6 (Insurance), 7 (Self-Insured—Individual), 10 (Self-Insured—Group), and 5 (Nonsubscription). First Responder Liaison Notices in English and Spanish have also been implemented.

The following jurisdictions made a change to their payroll limitation amounts.

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