Product Update

New and Revised CGL Endorsements Discussed in Construction Risk Management

This release of Construction Risk Management contains updated discussions of two revised commercial general liability (CGL) endorsements and one new CGL endorsement applicable to construction are also provided.

The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), filing that became effective in December 2019 included several endorsements that impact contractors' coverage. Two revised wrap-up exclusion endorsements clarify that these standard wrap-up exclusions only apply with respect to wrap-up insurance programs in which they are enrolled. This is consistent with language IRMI has long recommended to ensure coverage remains intact if the contractor is not eligible to participate in the wrap-up even though they are working on a project that is insured by a wrap-up or if the contractor is eligible but was never properly enrolled in the wrap-up insurance program. Additionally, a new Designated Project(s) Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit (CG 25 45) endorsement was introduced to provide a dedicated completed operations limit for specified projects.