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Managed Care Errors and Omissions Coverage Analyzed in Professional Liability Insurance

This Professional Liability Insurance release features a detailed update of the "Managed Care Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage" section.

As the managed care industry has evolved, so too has the insurance coverage available to address its exposures. This section begins by examining the types of wrongful acts covered by a managed care errors and omissions (E&O) policy, with this update in particular adding information regarding coverage of various types of antitrust activity. As the pace of consolidation in the healthcare industry has increased, antitrust concerns have become more relevant. In turn, almost every policy form addresses the exposure in some manner. Descriptions of key policy definitions such as provider selection, utilization review, emergency medical services, wellness services, and medical information protection have also been updated.

Updates have also been made to the "Individual Insureds" subsection, detailing the types of "Employees" and "Executives" covered under a managed care E&O policy form.

Territorial provisions can be yet another point of variance in managed care E&O forms. This update adds an explanation of some of the more common approaches that insurers take to these provisions.

Finally, the "Exclusions" section has been revamped not only to better explain the all-important medical services exclusion but also to address the exclusions for sexual harassment or other sexual activity, as well as important exceptions to the insured versus insured exclusion. Updates to the descriptions of other exclusions have also been made throughout this subsection.

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