Product Update

Driver Training, Claims-Made General Liability Policies, and Property Valuation in Practical Risk Management

This release of Practical Risk Management includes two new topics, "Commercial Driver Training Programs" and "Implications of Claims-Made General Liability Policies," and updates one topic, "Property Valuation."

"Commercial Driver Training Programs" will address the causes of the driver shortage, the controversy over minimum experience requirements, the regulations governing motor carrier–operated training schools, and the process for developing a driver-finishing program that prepares new license holders for the challenges of being a professional driver.

"Implications of Claims-Made General Liability Policies" will review the mechanics of claims-made policies, the reasons coverage is often written as claims made, and the potential coverage gaps inherent in claims-made general liability policies.

"Property Valuation" will cover the elements of property insurance pricing that an insured should consider when determining the values to declare, the impact of coinsurance, the blanket and agreed-value optional coverages, loss settlement methods, common methods to determine values, and the statement of values.