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Employee Investigation Magnifying Glass

Don Phin, Esq.December 10, 2015, 1 p.m. Eastern

When employment-related incidents spin out of control, an investigation must usually be conducted. Importantly, how well—or how poorly—a sexual harassment complaint, a discrimination accusation, or other contentious employment events are investigated markedly influences a company’s ultimate exposure to loss from these kinds of occurrences.

Recognizing that employment litigation can lower morale, reduce productivity, and most importantly shatter what once may have been a high level of trust within an organization, the stakes surrounding employment-related investigations are high. If ineptly handled, these episodes have the potential to generate high legal fees, increased insurance costs, and—if things truly go awry—astronomical claim settlements and exorbitant jury verdicts.

“Corporate Employment Investigations That Work” will show you how a well-conducted investigation can go a long way in preventing an adverse employment event from threatening your business or your client’s.

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Topics Include

  • When and what to investigate
  • Who should perform the investigation
  • How to select a qualified investigator
  • Elements of an effective investigation
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to prepare a report of the investigation’s findings and recommendations

Who Should Attend and Why

This webinar will help anyone who has responsibility for buying, brokering, or underwriting employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) coverage. By understanding the exposure associated with employee investigations, experts in the above fields will be better suited to (a) purchase the right coverage to address that exposure, (b) provide value by educating their current and potential insureds about the exposure, or (c) assess any given insured’s risk in order to write a profitable book of business. This webinar will also assist human resources professionals who are charged with managing investigations by providing detailed best practices as well as behaviors to avoid.

Risk managers will learn how to select a qualified investigator and handle the confidential details associated with investigations. By ensuring that the right person is conducting the investigation (and in the right way!), employment practices liability exposure related to employee investigations can be significantly reduced.

In addition to educating their clients about the nature of the exposure, insurance agents and brokers will also be better able to advise their clients as to when an investigation is required.

Insurance company underwriters will learn how to develop a list of qualified investigators that they can recommend to their producers who assist their insureds during investigations. As alluded to above, these recommendations can help to maintain a favorable book of business by reducing the potential for claims resulting from employee investigations.   

By honing the best practices presented in this webinar, human resources professionals will acquire the knowledge required to manage the entire investigation process all the way through to presenting the investigator’s report to senior management and advising them on how best to proceed.

Continuing Education Credit

Attending any three management liability insurance webinars will satisfy the annual reaccreditation requirement for the MLIS® program. CPCUs attending this webinar will be awarded one (1) CPD (continuing professional development) program point. This webinar has not been filed for and will not satisfy state insurance CE requirements in any state. It has also not been filed for CLE or CPE credit, but you may be able to self-file after attending the program.

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