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Cyber Exposure - Global Technology

Jake Kouns and Inga Goddijn January 21, 2016, 1 p.m. Eastern

In many ways, the world has arrived at a data breach crossroads. A thriving black market for stolen data, new attack methods, and an expanding interest in establishing stronger cybersecurity requirements are all putting an unprecedented amount of pressure on organizations to improve their information security practices.

Despite best efforts to prevent security lapses, breach events continue to take place at an alarming rate. Why are loss prevention efforts failing and what can we learn from our collective experiences to drive improvement?

“Breaches Abound! Building an Effective Cyberloss Mitigation Program and Learning from Breach Events,” will take a closer look at current best practices for controlling information security risk and explain how we can use past breach experience to improve tomorrow’s security practices.

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Topics Include

  • Information security best practices
  • How to modify best practices to fit the unique needs of an organization
  • Information technology (IT) versus the cyberinsurance policy—building a common language for discussing security events
  • How to use the incident response process to improve security practices
  • Determining what types of breach information should be captured and shared

Who Should Attend and Why

Risk managers will benefit from the best practices for maintaining the security of sensitive information. A look at past breach experience will help to demonstrate how information security risk can be more effectively managed in the future. Rather than taking a “cookie-cutter” approach, risk managers will learn how to cater various best practices to fit their companies’ distinct needs.

Executives, particularly chief information officers (CIOs), will learn how to control information security risk from the top down, by better understanding their organizations’ own, unique risk profiles. The program can also help executives and CIOs implement a successful incident response process by more effectively directing the efforts of their companies’ risk managers.

IT professionals will benefit by gaining a further understanding of how their day-to-day work relates to the exposures covered in a cyberinsurance policy. This interdisciplinary understanding between IT and risk managers will aid the loss control process.

Underwriters, loss control specialists, brokers, and agents will come away from this webinar better suited to select appropriate risks, prevent and mitigate security-related losses, and explain the nuances of their cyberofferings to both current and potential clients.

Continuing Education Credit

Attending any three management liability insurance webinars will satisfy the annual reaccreditation requirement for the MLIS® program. CPCUs attending this webinar will be awarded one (1) CPD (continuing professional development) program point. This webinar has not been filed for and will not satisfy state insurance CE requirements in any state. It has also not been filed for CLE or CPE credit, but you may be able to self-file after attending the program.

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