Storm Damage FAQs

Tornado in a blue background

Tornado Damage Claims and Recovery: Tips to Know about Your Insurance

The insurance industry is built on preventing disasters and assisting people in responding to them when they do occur. We recognize during these trying times that our industry helps with lives and livelihoods, and we have consolidated tips and frequently asked questions to help affected homeowners, agents, and other property owners who should take immediate steps to begin recovering their losses.

IRMI offers a host of insurance tips that individuals, corporations, and small-business owners affected by these storms can use. The following are some frequently asked questions about property and auto insurance matters to consider.

  • When should I contact my insurance agent or insurance company about my property damage?

  • Does my homeowners, renters, or dwelling property policy cover tornado losses? How about the personal or commercial auto policy for damage to my vehicles?

  • What actions should I take if I have crop insurance and have suffered losses due to a tornado?

  • What about my additional living expenses or business interruption expenses?

  • What if I am dissatisfied with the claims process? What are my options?

  • How do I go about finding a reputable contractor to repair or rebuild my home or small business?

  • Does IRMI have discussions related to claims and claim filing tips?