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  1. Surety Bond

    Surety Bond. Surety Bond. Definition. A contract under which one party (the surety) guarantees the performance of certain obligations of a second party (the principal) to a third party (the obligee). ... For example, most construction contractors must

  2. Surety Bonds

    Construction Risk Management. Thought Leader Videos. Surety Bond Series. Play All > >. What a Surety Sees in Your Balance Sheet. Susan Hecker, Director, National Contract Surety, EVP, Arthur J. ... Gallagher &Co. Gain insights into the lesser-known

  3. Surety Bond Penalty Waivers in Takeover Situations

    A Performance Bond Is A Statutory Bond Such That the Statute Limits the Surety's Liability.In California, the Bonds and Undertaking chapter of the Code of Civil Procedure governs a ... Thus, a surety's liability under such bonds may be limited to the

  4. Construction Surety Bond Liability for Consequential Damages

    Construction Surety Bond Liability for Consequential Damages. Whether a trend or just the serendipity of American jurisprudence, it appears that the coverage of the construction performance bond goes well beyond traditional ... 2003), the court stated:.

  5. Bond

    Bond. Bond. Definition. A three-party contract under which the insurer agrees to pay losses caused by criminal acts (e.g., fidelity bonds) or the failure to perform a specific act ... e.g., performance or surety bonds).

  6. Surety

    Surety. Surety. Definition. A party that guarantees the performance of another. ... The contract through which the guarantee is executed is called a surety bond.

  7. Killer Bond Forms and Contract Provisions (Part 1)

    Nonetheless, the governmental entity that decided to require this statement must have had an experience in connection with the bid bond surety's issuance of the final bonds. ... Possibly, a surety issued a bid bond with no intent of issuing the final

  8. California Workers Compensation Self-Insured Bonds and the Principal's Bankruptcy's-bankruptcy

    The DIR permits surety bonds from admitted sureties on DIR-provided bond forms. ... Accordingly, sureties will argue that a self-insured's failure to make payments after bond cancellation, even for preexisting estimated future liabilities, constitutes

  9. Killer Bond Forms and Contract Provisions (Part 4)

    It requires the surety to underwrite both the subcontractor's bond and the general contractor's bond. ... Many people believe that once the warranty period is expired, the surety has no further obligations on the performance bond.

  10. Bid Bond

    The bond acts as a guarantee that, if awarded the contract based on the bid submitted, the contractor will enter into a contract to perform the work at the price quoted. ... difference between the defaulting contractor's bid and the next lowest bid, up

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