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  1. Construction Defects

    Construction Risk Management. Thought Leader Videos. Construction Defects Series. Play All > >. Manage Quality To Avoid Defect Claims. Bruce Weisner, Construction Property Senior Risk Engineering Consultant, Zurich. ... Learn how contractors can avoid

  2. Expert Commentary

    Jun 2018 Gregory PodolakAn important prerequisite to achieving a sustained competitive advantage in construction is a robust quality culture that fosters the continuous delivery of value (quality) to the customer through

  3. Contractual Liability Exclusion in Construction Defect Coverage

    Construction Defect Coverage. January 2014. Recent Texas cases applying Exclusion b., the contractual liability exclusion, to breach of contract claims in the context of construction defect have garnered national attention. ... An example of another such

  4. Construction Defect

    Construction Defect. Construction Defect. Definition. Generally speaking, a deficiency in the design or construction of a building or structure resulting from a failure to design or construct in a reasonably workmanlike ... Note: Many states have more

  5. Construction Defect Insurance Coverage Remains Difficult To Predict

    Construction Defect Coverage. September 2010. Usually, one of the concerns for many contractors is the variation among state laws as to whether construction defects constitute an "occurrence," "property damage," or are ... but under Pennsylvania law,

  6. Insurance for Defective Construction

    Learn the drafting intent and history of the ISO CGL policy with respect to construction defect coverage. ... Understand the drafting intent and history of the ISO CGL policy with respect to construction defect coverage.

  7. Construction Defect Crisis Produces Coverage-Restricting Endorsements

    Contractors must rely primarily on their liability insurance programs for protection against construction defect claims. ... Construction defects often produce property damage that takes place over a period of time.

  8. Subrogation and Intervention in Construction Defect Case Involving Water and Mold

    construction defect lawsuit that the homeowner brought against third parties who they alleged caused the loss. ... paid its insured homeowner as a result of the alleged negligence of those responsible for the construction defects.

  9. Court Finds No Construction Defect Coverage under CG 20 10

    In short, the court limited liability for construction defects exclusively to completed operations. ... Courts have held, quite logically, that liability for construction defects arises out of a subcontractor's completed operations.".

  10. Construction Publications

    This includes information on builders risk insurance, contractors professional liability insurance, contractors pollution liability insurance, wrap-up programs or OCIPs, risk control, surety, and insurance for construction defects. ... Handouts from past



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