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  1. Additional Insured Endorsement

    Additional Insured Endorsement. Additional Insured Endorsement. Definition. Policy endorsement used to add coverage for additional insureds by name—for example, mortgage holders or lessors. ... Rather than naming each additional insured, a blanket

  2. Additional Insured Endorsements

    Construction Risk Management. Thought Leader Videos. Additional Insured Series. Play All > >. Trade Contract Critical to AI Coverage. ... Greg Podolak, Partner, Saxe Doernberger &Vita, P.C. Find out how current versions of standard additional insured

  3. Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement

    May apply only to specific types of contracts or entities. Also referred to as an "automatic additional insured endorsement.". ... May apply only to specific types of contracts or entities. Also referred to as a "blanket additional insured endorsement.".

  4. The Additional Insured Book

    Standard Additional Insured Endorsements. Engineers, Architects, or Surveyors as Additional Insureds. ... Real Property Lessors as Additional Insureds. Vendors as Additional Insureds. Blanket Additional Insured Endorsements and Provisions.

  5. Additional Insured Issues 2016—Part Two

    This article discusses further changes promulgated in 2013 by ISO to its additional insured endorsements. ... endorsements. It is in this context that ISO's additional insured endorsement changes promulgated to be effective in 2013 should be viewed.

  6. Additional Insured Endorsements—A Potential Minefield (Part 3)

    Limits. Many automatic or blanket additional insured endorsements will state the limits of liability provided to the additional insured by the endorsement will be the lesser of the limits required in ... Not only do additional insured endorsements

  7. Additional Insured Status and Waivers of Subrogation

    losses fall outside the scope of the additional insured endorsement,. losses exceed the contractually agreed insurance limits,. ... Courts limit additional insured endorsements to the "risk for which the insured is covered." Romano v.

  8. Additional Insured Issues 2016

    This outcome is quite vexing, particularly when considering the main purpose of additional insured endorsements. ... In some instances, additional insureds may seek either a pre-2004 ISO additional insured endorsement or an insurer's proprietary non-ISO

  9. Making Your Bed: "Blanket" Additional Insured Endorsements and the Underlying Agreement*

    The blanket additional insured endorsement was introduced as a more expedient way of adding additional insureds to an insurance policy. ... additional insured endorsement evidenced the insurer's understanding that GRG would agree to name entities as

  10. History of ISO Additional Insured Endorsements

    The CG 20 10 endorsement is perhaps the most widely used additional insured endorsement, and its history is consistent with the history of the other additional insured endorsements. ... ISO addressed these ambiguities in the 2001 revisions to the

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