Personal Risk Management and Insurance

By: Robin Olson, CPCU, CRIS, ARM
Personal Risk Management and Insurance

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The cost of IRMI application products depends on the size of your organization. The size ranges are as follows.

  • 1-9 Employees
  • 10-30 Employees
  • 31-60 Employees
  • 60+ Employees - Contact us for a quote!

To subscribe to an IRMI product, you can purchase either a single-seat license for an individual, or an unlimited group license for everyone in your organization. The cost depends on whether your firm qualifies as a "Small Business" or a "Large Business" under the definitions in the following table.

Item Individual Small Business Large Business
Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Agency/Brokerage Any size Under $10M Revenue $10M+ Revenue
Insurance Company Any size Under $100M Premium $100M+ Premium
Law Firm Any Size Under 10 coverage Lawyers 10+ Coverage Lawyers
Risk Mgmt. Dept. Any Size Any Size N/A
Other Organization Any Size Under 100 Employees N/A

IRMI Offers two subscription term options

  1. Monthly Subscription Option – Payable by credit card prior to the start of your first monthly term, and the beginning of each monthly term thereafter – credit card must be saved on file.
  2. Annual Subscription Option – Annual term paid prior to start of subscription term. Credit Card is preferred method of payment.

Personal Risk Management and Insurance

Product type: 1 Year Subscription

Publication Date(s): 2001-2018

Update Schedule: Quarterly

Case Citations: 500+

Part of: Insurance Coverage Analysis Package

Discount: Prices shown include a 5% discount for choosing the annual payments option

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The practitioner's reference for homeowners, personal auto, and numerous other personal lines insurance policies.

Personal Risk Management and Insurance is the most comprehensive source of information and competitive strategies for homeowners, personal auto, and numerous other personal lines insurance policies. This practitioner's reference annotates the latest ISO policies and all of the countrywide endorsements. Real-life claims and loss examples are used throughout to help you fully understand coverage intent and loss ramifications.

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Additionally, you can now see details of some decisions and a list of cases citing IRMI reference services, expert commentary, and glossary definitions in the new white paper, IRMI's Influence in the Courts—Shaping Insurance Law.

Personal Risk Management & Insurance covers these topics.

  • Survey and Checklists
  • Risk Management Techniques and Issues
  • ISO Personal Auto Policy
  • ISO Personal Auto Endorsements
  • Non-ISO Pap Forms
  • Personal Auto Practical Concerns
  • Personal Auto State Laws
  • ISO Homeowners 3—Property
  • ISO Homeowners 3—Liability
  • Other ISO Homeowners Forms
  • ISO Homeowners Endorsements
  • Non-ISO HO Forms
  • Miscellaneous Coverages
  • HO Practical Concerns
  • Claims

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Agents, Brokers, and Account Support Staff

  • Avoid errors and omissions by making certain that you arrange appropriate coverage for your clients.
  • Identify opportunities for expanding coverage with third-party support to your recommendations. Now you'll be perceived as a personal risk manager, rather than a commodity salesperson.
  • Hone your competitive edge with an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of ISO forms as compared to the forms used by the major direct writers.
  • Provide exceptional service to high net worth clients using the personal exposure survey and coverage checklists.
  • Increase sales by identifying coverage gaps in client HO programs that can be filled with specialized insurance such as fine arts or jewelry floaters, watercraft policies, or other policies.
  • Use the expert coverage analyses to make effective coverage arguments on behalf of customers when claims adjusters seek to deny claims.
  • Quickly and competently answer your customers' questions about how their policies apply.

Risk Managers, Financial Executives, & Insurance Buyers

  • Quickly and expertly answer coverage questions you receive from corporate executives.
  • Use the expert coverage analyses to help a corporate executive negotiate with claims adjusters after a questionable loss.


  • Quickly understand the impact of special endorsements being requested by your agents.
  • Use the comparisons of the ISO and direct writers' forms to help your agents compete for business.
  • Use the expert coverage to quickly and efficiently answer coverage questions posed by agents on behalf of their clients.
  • Train new underwriters on the coverage provided by standard forms.
  • Get a fast read on the important aspects of UM/UIM and no-fault laws in any state.
  • If you have to cancel an insured's coverage, use the state cancellation law summaries to make sure you do it by the book.

Claims Adjusters

  • Get a fast read on the important aspects of UM/UIM and no-fault laws in any state.
  • Use the analyses as a third-party coverage opinion to help determine if coverage should apply to a gray claim.


  • Includes more than 500 case citations.
  • Use the analyses as a third-party coverage opinion to help determine if coverage should apply to a gray claim.
  • Get a fast read on the important aspects of UM/UIM and no-fault laws in any state.
  • Demonstrate coverage best practices to the court to help you win your agent/broker E&O cases.
  • In absence of legal precedent, you'll have valuable insight to what the policies do and do not cover. Since IRMI is a highly respected research firm and has been quoted in critical court cases, our interpretations carry a great deal of weight.


  • Easy-to-understand explanations of standard policy provisions and countrywide endorsements help you pinpoint errors in personal lines insurance programs.
  • Use as support and a second opinion in your litigation consulting work.
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    Along with updates to this resource, you will receive release notes. They summarize content added in the update, provide advance notice of impending countrywide and state changes in standard homeowners and personal auto forms, and include Web links to relevant personal lines articles on the Internet.

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    Your purchase of an IRMI reference product includes a complimentary subscription to The Electronic Owl e-newsletter. You'll receive a monthly update with links to new content and tips on how to get the most from your IRMI resources.

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    Your purchase of the online version of Personal Risk Management and Insurance comes with a digital copy of the Contractor's Guide to CIPs—a handy reference that provides guidance on 38 issues contractors should consider when accepting coverage through a wrap-up or controlled insurance program.